University ISEE

Students seeking a reduction in university fees compared to the maximum amount must authorize the University through their dedicated section on the Delphi portal to access the necessary ISEE certification from the INPS database by 15 DECEMBER 2023.

For students who do not intend to avail themselves of the fee reduction (due to the absence of a valid ISEE), have an ISEE exceeding € 90.000 , or do not grant permission for its acquisition from the INPS database, the maximum contribution rate for their income bracket will be applied automatically.

ISEE certifications will not be acquired if they:

  • Have expired and are therefore invalid.
  • Contain omissions or discrepancies.
  • Are not applicable to benefits related University Education.

Please note that in cases of certifications with omissions/discrepancies, a forced acquisition option may be available if the student believes their certification to be accurate. This option will appear if omissions/discrepancies are detected during the acquisition of data from the INPS portal. Returning to the Delphi portal, the forced acquisition of the ISEE certification can be completed. It is important to mention that the administration will conduct appropriate verifications.

After acquiring the ISEE-Università certification, the fees will be recalculated, and no further certifications can be submitted for the entire academic year.


The ISEE certification is an assessment tool for evaluating the economic situation of individuals seeking social benefits, reserved for students who are European Union , and non-European Union nationals belonging to a family with declared income in Italy.The certification is obtained by evaluating three elements: income, assets, and family composition.

In cases where parents are not part of the family unit, for the purposes of university benefits, only the student's family unit may be considered when the following conditions are met:

  • The student has resided outside the family's residence for at least two years from the date of the first enrollment application for each course of study, in housing not owned by a family member.
  • The student demonstrates adequate income.

If at least one of the above conditions is not met, the student is considered part of the parental family unit.

As per current regulations, the only valid ISEE for determining the contribution bracket and accessing other benefits within the scope of University Education is the ISEE-University certification, which is used to avail of university education-related benefits..


To obtain the ISEE certification for university education benefits (ISEE-University), one must complete the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU).

  • The DSU contains information about the family unit, as well as the income and assets of each family member. It must be completed and submitted to one of the following entities:
  • Tax Assistance Centers (CAF)
  • INPS (also electronically through the INPS portal)

The average processing time for the issuance of the ISEE-University certification following the completion of the DSU is approximately ten working days.

As the DSU requires information about movable/immovable assets and obtaining the corresponding certifications can take several days, students are encouraged to complete the DSU well in advance of the deadline,seeking assistance from CAF centers for helpful information on obtaining the ISEE-University.

The University cannot provide assistance in completing the Single Substitute Declaration.

Once the ISEE-University certification has been obtained, whether from INPS or a CAF, the student must log into the Delphi platform to verify the correct acquisition and the recalculation of the second installment

If anomalies are identified in the ISEE acquisition, the student must report the issue to



The ISEE-Università certification for university education benefits must be requested by December 15, 2023. Once obtained, the student must, through the Delphi portal, authorize the University to acquire the ISEE-U from the INPS portal within the validity period of the certification


Students who already possess a valid ISEE-University do not need to request a new certification for the academic year but must authorize the University to acquire the ISEE-Università certification from the INPS database through their dedicated section on the Delphi portal by December 15, 2023.

Therefore, students must NOT submit any paper or electronic documents to the University offices. Any ISEE-University certification presented to the offices or sent via email/PEC will not be considered and will not extend the submission deadlines.

Failure to submit the DSU by the strict deadline of December 15, 2023 will result in the student being placed in the highest income bracket..

If the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) requesting the ISEE-University certification from INPS is not submitted by 15 DECEMBER 2023 deadline, it can still be submitted later, but a penalty for delay will be applied as shown in the table below:

Submission Date Penalty Amount:
December 16, 2023 to March 14, 2024 € 150,00
March 15, 2024 May 31, 2024 € 200,00

The penalty for requesting the ISEE-University accumulates with late payment penalties for fees..

The penalty for delayed submission of the ISEE-Università will not be applied in the following cases: per ritardata trasmissione dell’ISEE-Università non verrà applicata nei seguenti casi:

  • Enrollment in Bachelor's, Master's, and single-cycle Master's degrees, provided that enrollment is completed after December 1, 2023.
  • Enrollment in numerus clausus programs after December 1, 2022, following ranking or contests announced after that date.
  • Enrollment resulting from transfers from other universities finalized after December 31, 2022.

Students must retain the ISEE-Università certification, which may be requested by the University for verification purposes.


After acquiring the ISEE-University certification, fees will be recalculated, and no further authorizations can be granted for new acquisitions for the entire academic year. Students cannot initiate new authorizations to request new acquisitions


To access the benefits provided for the reduction of university contributions,

  • European Union students belonging to a family with declared incomes from abroad who enroll or register for subsequent academic years after the first year

must obtain the ISEE parificato certification (data collection form for the university equivalent indicator) by December 15, 2023, from any CAF office across the nation and email it to

For the issuance of the ISEE parificato certification, students must present, in addition to documentation regarding any incomes and assets earned in Italy, documents concerning incomes and assets earned abroad by each member of their family unit.

The required documentation should be issued by the relevant authorities in the country where the assets and incomes were generated. Subsequently, it must undergo legalization and/or apostillation processes and be translated into Italian by the appropriate Italian Diplomatic Missions for the respective region, with currency conversion into euros.

For those countries where particular difficulties arise in obtaining such declarations, the documentation can be requested from foreign Diplomatic or Consular Representations in Italy and legalized by the Prefectures under Article 33 of Presidential Decree No. 445 of December 28, 2000.

For international students hailing from one of the countries specifically identified by current regulations as particularly impoverished, the assessment of income eligibility is based on documentation issued by the Italian Representation in the student's country of origin, certifying that the student does not belong to a family known for high income and social status (DPCM 9/4/2001).

Upon obtaining the certification, students must email to a copy of the ISEE parificato issued by the CAF, along with a copy of the certification used for obtaining said certification. Subsequently, the recalculated second installment can be viewed based on the provided documentation.

For additional information, please refer to section 7.5 of the Student Handbook or access

 For further details regarding the ISEE parificato for international students, please access the following LINK

Section 7.5.5 – Recommendations

  • It is important to note that students who have applied for the DISCOLAZIO scholarship and wish to avail themselves of the tuition fees waiver based on their income, in case the scholarship is not awarded or is revoked, are required to authorize the University to access the necessary ISEE-University certification from the INPS database by December 15, 2023. This authorization can be completed within your dedicated Delphi portal account.

It is important to understand that students who have submitted a precautionary application can receive a fee reduction based on their income if they are unable to complete their studies within the expected timeframe. To do so, they must authorize the University to access the required ISEE certification from the INPS database before 15 December 2023. This authorization can be given through the dedicated section on the Delphi portal. Additionally, international students should make sure to submit their ISEE parificato within 15 December 2023.