Tor Vergata University of Rome upholds the right to education and acknowledges the most deserving students by annually offering numerous scholarships and academic awards. In an effort to celebrate and honor the most exceptional students, the university promotes a wide array of scholarships and academic prizes.

Tor Vergata offers support in various ways:

Special provisions for out-of-region students

Assistance for students with disabilities.

Are you a student and a mother?

Special considerations for students with siblings already enrolled at Tor Vergata University of Rome

Opportunities for world-class Olympic students.

Do you need extra time to complete your degree?

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No Tax Area for incomes up to €26,000.

Studying is indeed advantageous - rewards for merit.

Have you achieved a perfect score of 100/100 in your high school diploma?

Did you graduate with top honors (110 out of 110)?

Explore additional scholarships and merit-based awards.

A €500 grant for outstanding students.

Scholarships available for university students.

Discover more about regional scholarships through LazioDiSCo

Visit the LazioDiSCo website for further information

Student Handbook
For comprehensive details on fees, enrollment procedures, and managing your university career, consult the Student Handbook.

Student Handbook